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Feedbacks for  1039 W SAINT ANDREW Pl

Feedback" is from people who will NOT be buying your home."Feedback" in and of itself is a reason a prospect is not going to pursue your home. So there will be little to nothing you or we can do to move that prospect to making an offer on your home. In effect, your home has been eliminated from his "list". Interested prospects do not give feedback, they either ask questions and/or make offers. These are of course the best prospects for your home and ones your agent spends time dealing with.


Is Your Price On Target?


•10 days without a showing


• Your home receives 10 showings with no offers The market will tell us very quickly if we have priced your home correctly. The question is wheter or not we will listen. If the market tells us that the home is priced wrong and you have to reduce, you are actually moving your price closer to REAL MARKET VALUE. closer to REAL MARKET VALUE.oser to REAL MARKET VALUE



PRICE IT RIGHT  - The Market Talks To Us 


CRITICAL MASS 10 Days / 10 Showings.

10 Days without Showings:  10 天没有看房的

Conceptual Rejection-Bad!
 We are at least 5% over priced. 价格至少要降5%

 10 Days without an Offer 10 天没有出价的
Property Rejection-Bad, just not as bad!
We are 3-5% over price.  价格要下调3-5%

The Market will tell us everything we need to know! We just need to listen. 




Total showing ending Feb 2, total around 117 families walked through the house,  400 people around, 15 offers received. 

截至2/2/2020,总共 87+30=117个家庭看房,400人左右,按平均3.5人, 收到 15个出价

 1.  1/1/- 1/19/2020 open house 情况:

  Around 87 families, estimated 300 people walked through the house

 two days Open house result: Around 87 families, estimated 300 people walked through the house.

OPEN HOUSE 来看房的, 大约87个家庭,300多人

 2.  2/2/2020 open house 情况. 大约30个家庭


3. 其他代理看房 其他代理带客人看房: 大约 22个家庭 Other Agent showing home for about 22 families




--Some people love the house 

--Some people want a bigger one

--One agent told me if no solar system, it is much easier to sell.

--Vietnam clients told me if 600K , then they would not buy in Santa Ana





1. We accepted 600k offer, but fail escrow

2. Another offer is 585k, they accepted our counter 600k after we opened first escrow. After failed escrow, I called the agent, and client did not want to proceed . 开了ESCROW 后,另外一个代理发邮件我她的客人接受了我们600K的出价,但我告诉她我们开了ESCROW,之后我告诉她我们退出ESCROW,她的客人好像没有兴趣。

3 Another offer is 585k, but they said they would not go for 600k, close 45 day. 另外一个出价是 585k, 45天CLOSE,但他们不接受600k 

4. Another offer 575k, we countered back at 600k, they said they keep 575k. 另外一个出价575K,我们反价600K, 他们不愿意加价。

5. Feb 2, Just receive one offer 600k,but they do not provide any pre-approval letter and proof of fund. 今天刚收到一个600k 的出价, 但是没有看到贷款的文件和资金证明,我已经回复邮件,要他们尽快给我们

6. Other offers are below 570k, some are 560k, some are 550k. We countered some buyers who are qualified for 600k purchasing price, but they did not accept our counters. 其他的出价都是 560K,550K,有的没有回复我们的还价,有的贷款额度不够。


WORKS WE DID 所做的工(见图片)

1.  text/email broadcost 3000 agents

2. text /email/voice broadcost 4000 clients total

3. Promote your house on social medias: coming soon, open house etc. 

4. Your home can be seen on all sites including zillow, redfin, facebook, linkedin, and hundreds of other real estate sites.

5. Professional photos and drone photos were taken, videos made, print hundreds of flyers.

6. set 844 information line for people to call any time 24x7