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"feedback" is from people who will NOT be buying your land."Feedback" in and of itself is a reason a prospect is not going to pursue your land. So there will be little to nothing you or we can do to move that prospect to making an offer on your land. In effect, your land has been eliminated from his "list". Interested prospects do not give feedback, they either ask questions and/or make offers. These are of course the best prospects for your land and ones your agent spends time dealing with.

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• Your land receives  showings with no offers The market will tell us very quickly if we have priced your land correctly. The question is wheter or not we will listen. If the market tells us that the land is priced wrong and you have to reduce, you are actually moving your price closer to


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 We are at least 15 % over priced.

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Property Rejection-Bad, just not as bad!
We are  at least 10 % over price.

The Market will tell us everything we need to know! We just need to listen.


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#  Agent He and his client
# Builder from Washangton KV who wants land near Carbon Canyon Rd, will come to see in Nov, 2018
# 10/2/2018, Developer Patric , they like to build small house, not luxury one , he would like to see arcadia one  ==meet him in Oct 23th, he told it is risk to build luxury home right now when market is going down. 
# 10/3 /2018 , Developer Randy email me:
Thank you for sending this our way.  It looks that access IS through the mobile home park.  The property does not reach to Eucalyptus and therefore no entrance could be obtained them there.  I foresee it very tough to sell $1M+ homes that have to drive through a mobile home park.  There will also be significant grading for only 31 lots. 
I’m sure there is a buyer out there for these, but this will be too small for us. 
Please send over the Arcadia apartment project when you can.
Thanks,   ===I explained entrance from  Eucalyptus, I will keep them updaged once I receive docs from Architect

# meet Builder Patric in Oct 23th, he told it is risk to build luxury home right now when market is going down. 

#  10/25/2018
Post $300k check again in our remax member group.  11 memebers responsed. 4 of them request information.