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It's easy to get started...

Fill out the form and click the SUBMIT button to get started.

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My agent, Yandan Happle (Alison) helped me to buy this great investment, a cozy condo near Cal State Fullerton. A condo in this location had previously sold for more than $6000 above listing price. When my agent submitted an offer lower than the current asking price I worried that I could lose the deal, but my agent, (Alison) told me, "Don't worry". It's still hard for me to believe that I got the condo at 98.6% of the listing price . After closing, Alison Happle also helped me list the condo on the rental market for FREE. I already have 6 people interested in renting it just one week after close of escrow. It is amazing. By renting it out quick, I can quickly turn a profit , all thanks to my agent. I highly recommend her to all my friends  --Julius

I had the pleasure of working with Alison Yandan Happle and it as the best experience I've had with a real estate agent. She always quickly returned my calls and answered all my questions. I had contact with her day and night. She was always available and very responsive. She negotiated a great price on my behalf and I purchased my home at a 96.5% discount. She was also able to refer me to a lender with the lowest interest rate, so I secured a great loan too. Even after the close of escrow she continued to help me by transferring the utilities into my name. She knows Customer Service! I highly recommend her if you are looking for a good solid real estate agent --Jenny