Alison Happle Real Estate Agent & Team-Your Home SOLD GUARANTEED or We Buy It!  is a team of highly experienced and qualified real estate professionals headed by Alison Happle . The team is dedicated to providing extraordinary service.


Leading real estate sales team, Alison Happle Home Selling Team believe that their commitment and passion  has been the main driving force behind our success.They want their clients to get the best deal possible and they are happy and willing to go the extra mile to deliver what they promise and what their clients have come to expect from one of the best real estate teams in the Southern California.

There are many benefits of choosing Alison Happle Real Estate Agent & Team-Your Home SOLD GUARANTEED or We Buy It!

For selling a property, firstly, they have a large number of buyers in their database at any given time, team approximates that 5000 buyers are looking for a home in the area, according to their database, which increases the likelihood of a property selling because of the large exposure. When a client chooses the team their property is exposed to buyers in a much larger area nationally and internationally, which increases the chances of a home selling faster and for top dollars because of the team's unique and exclusive consumer programs.

The Team  also get more for the homes they sell, on an average of 2.8% more money compared to the average area agent. Because of the highly established database and system, Alison Happle Team is able to sell more homes than their competitors, which provides them the capability to offer extra things that other real estate agents and brokers don’t offer. According to the team, they sell their clients homes on average in only 20 days while the average area agent sells theirs in 87 days. In fact. The team also guarantee to sell their clients' home in or under 20 days.

Alison Happle Home selling team is currently running a program called “YOUR HOME SOLD GUARANTEED OR I’LL BUY IT*” For a free report that details the inner workings of this exclusive offer, go to

To discuss the sale of a home, call Alison Happle at 714 203 6877 and start packing!

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