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 Feedbacks for 3125 Clapper St, Perris, Ca

"feedback" is from people who will NOT be buying your home."Feedback" in and of itself is a reason a prospect is not going to pursue your home. So there will be little to nothing you or we can do to move that prospect to making an offer on your home. In effect, your home has been eliminated from his "list". Interested prospects do not give feedback, they either ask questions and/or make offers. These are of course the best prospects for your home and ones your agent spends time dealing with.

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10 days without a showing
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 10 Days without an Offer
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Showing Activity and Feedbacks:

open house  days showing: 5 families
Other showing ending:      7 families,  
Total showing ending May 5, 2018:      12
Total offers got : 2

1. Text to all agents in Perris and cities nearby: Hi, morning,  OPEN HOUSE for this beautiful amzong large master suite home on Apri,  xxx 2018. Good commisson, Your buyers will love it, welcome you and your buyers. here is link
2. Text to neighbors: Beautiful amazon home with master suite is for sale now, Welcome to ONE Day Open House on Apri xx 2018 from morning 10am -4pm. 5br, 3bathr.check address:


--11/15/2017 Agent 760 xxx 1605 taylor francis, ask  to show, client purchase 33w , know the property value is 36-37w ==buyer already bought
--12/18 , Agent Ruth Willis , 714 591 6xxx,  ask give offer first  ==no answer
--2/13/2018, Agent 951 xxx 1213 ==buyer bought a home
--George 909 763 xxxx, agent, by sale ==text 
--951 xxx 0616, customer David, has agent, buy price 31w ==text as client
--3/29/2018  anget call, bre 02038786, 951 xxx 2964 ==text two times
--3/31/2018 , agent call BRE 01878202 , 951 xxx 1787 , 21 day close, good client==Thanks I will let my clients know ===client budget 350k
---Mireya Naranjo ,1st Class Realty BRE#01724517 ,Mobile/Text (951)xxx-9215 , ==gave an offer
(951)xxx-6502 , 
purchasing price to 38w, client prefer 35-36w ,  
202 Fashion Lane, Suite 200C
Tustin CA 92780

---4/6/2018, Name: Paola hockenhull ,02034688 
Phone: (626) xxx-3162 ==text as client
Address: 3125 CLAPPER ST 

4-6/2018  Nicole Banks
(323) xxx-1977 ==text as client
I am interested in 3125 Clapper St, PERRIS, CA 92571.
listing on Zillow
---951 xxx 1649, agent
--951 233 xxxx ,  ==text as agent
---951 xxx 8950  realtor  ==client like another one, since that one is more upgraded.  bre 02018301
---951 xxx 0023 ==wrong phone

-- 4/21/2018, OPEN HOUSE : 3 CLIENTS + 2 neighbors
---4/28, agent show, 01951655 ,
---4/28/2018 , showed , bre 00965253, King Realty Group ==give 360k offer
---4/28/2018 , show ( BRE Cal BRE 01509582 , team leader BRE #01178669 ==want to give an offer
---4/28/2018  , danny, BRE Cal BRE 01509582 , team leader BRE #01178669 ==want to give an offer
--4/29/2018 , showed 951 219 xxx,  Anastasia    01937021== ask if seller accept 350k offer
---5/4/2018 , want to show agent Tova Oren. 714-865-xxx  CA# 01206496,
--5/6/2018, want to show 626 255 xxxx , agent,. 01936453